The Siege of Macindaw

The Siege of Macindaw

Ranger's Apprentice

Book - 2009
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May 02, 2020

This book has a lot of adventuring in it.

lgmosher Dec 24, 2019

"Failure is often just a few seconds away from success" -Will Treaty

Look at him being all wise.... Our mini Halt!"

"If you worry that you'll lose, you probably will." -Halt

I will forever quote Halt! ALL the life lessons being learned from Halt. Forever and always love Halt with all that I am capable of."

I absolutely love Will's head in this book. It pulls you in closer to the character of the Ranger. On the plus side we also get to see inside of Sir Horace head as well! and I have to say I am loving it.

The fact that he stays his same knight self but still wont let Will completely boss him around and he asserts himself. I will forever love the Will/Horace team! Orman was correct. They do make quite a team.

Disclaimer: if Will and the princess (who I can't stand btw get) together and it's not Will and Aylss I'ma riot! Will doesn't need a self absorbed girl who wants him to do what she wants. He needs someone who cherishes him and loves him not for what he has done for her but because of who he is. She belongs with Horace and Will belongs with Alyss.

Halt often reminded him of an old archery master's dictum: Before you shoot an arrow, see it fly a thousand times in your mind. (Prepare for the shot by setting a successful outcome in your mind).

Did anyone else's brain go straight back to the fourth book where Erak and Halt were checking on the invaders and Halt, without seeing the man shot him down from memory... using this exact trick! Ah, LOVE Halt!

I'm waiting for Gilan to come back. I absolutely LOVE older Will but he can't take the place of Gilan (my favorite secondary character... other than Halt of course). Halt of course is in this one briefly but I'm still holding out for when we get to see Gilan again!"

The end if this book just did it for me. I was loving it and that shot it over the moon!

Will sweetie, never change. You could do what is expected of you could go the extra mile, and in this case..... Quite literally!!

On to the next one :)

Jun 01, 2018

I'm sorry, but I don't think this was worth reading, at least not most of it, anyway.
First of all, literally the entire plot is about a "damsel in distress" who has to be saved from an evil guy who wants to "invade the country" while her "rescuer" builds up an army to overthrow the stereotypical bad guy and win back the girl. In my opinion Alyss should have got herself out of the tower at the end or something.
However I did enjoy the parts with Will and Horace, so I guess it is worth something.
Sorry if this comment is negative but I needed to get my opinion out there

Nov 18, 2017

Very well-written and entertaining sixth instalment in the 'Ranger's Apprentice' series. Not my favourite, but still a great read.

Dec 04, 2016

Its a great book in a great series, but not the best.

Jun 21, 2016

it good

Mar 23, 2016

For a much more detailed review, check out this book on my blog!

A great, exciting addition to the story and a terrific ending to the current story arc. It is a bit darker than early books, and there are several instances of the word “damn” as well as slightly more descriptive battle scenes and wounds. However, I think anyone ten and older would love the book.

Jul 22, 2015

One of the best books ever!

Rapagnap Apr 09, 2015


Jan 23, 2015

I love these books so much it hurts! I could read them over and over.

Dec 28, 2014

CHEESY cover............... CHEESY COVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

h8badbooks Jul 22, 2014

amazing series i think this is the best book ever !!!:)

Mar 07, 2014

really good book, and amazing series

Jul 18, 2013

Great. I do judge books by its covers though.

Jul 14, 2013

don't judge a book by its cover

qwert123 Jun 06, 2013

I realy thhought I would have no interest in this book mostly because of the cover, but man was I wrong. this wasthe first book to get me into the ranger`s apprentice series.(=

May 15, 2013

full of suspense and as awesome as the rest!!!!!

Apr 23, 2013

The cover is cheesy but this is a very good Ranger story. Very exciting, fast passed and action packed! I would say this is on my top three Ranger stories. Hope you enjoy as much as I did!

Mar 14, 2013

this is the best series i have ever read

Sep 09, 2012

i love this series!!!! this book was NOT a downer and lived up to expectations!!!!!!!! must read!

Jan 21, 2012

The 6th book to the series, hard to put down and as always lots of inventive ideas!

Dec 24, 2011

A great book and a great series. Doctor-at Bass! T. A.

joeman01 Oct 10, 2011

best in series

Horatiu Jun 03, 2011

books just get better in this series.

Mar 25, 2011

This book, and the Sorcerer of the North was my favourite book in the series, it had some action, some mystery and a cool ending.

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