How fitting that I might finish this on Octavia E. Butler’s birthday!

Hyperempathy means that Lauren feels the pain and pleasure of others. A difficulty, in a crumbling world, where violence is rife, no one trusts anyone and riots catch like wildfire.

So there you have it — the main character is a young black woman with a disability / syndrome who is intent on surviving. It made me think of my own disability and how I would do in an apocalypse — I have a mild case of cerebral palsy and while I can walk, it takes twice the amount of effort and takes me longer. I always wrote myself off if the world ever did come to an end, I would be one of the first to go — I’m a liability, right?

So is Lauren Olamina, but she intends to survive.

Parable of the Sower is visceral, emotional and inspiring. It is the human condition. It is what we all hope to become when the world crumbles around us.

I love this book so much.

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