As I've mentioned in other reviews, I have pretty much walked away from James Patterson with the exception of the Women's Murder Club and the Michael Bennett books because he's become more of a page producing machine than a thoughtful author and, in my opinion, the writing talent has suffered for sheer quantity. Lord, I hope he keeps his 'co-authors' Maxine Paetro for the Women's Murder Club books and Michael Lewidge for the Michael Bennett books. I will still read Alex Cross but that's only because they are so few and far between lately . . . and, because 25 years ago, he was my first.

I am pleasantly surprised that James Patterson gave us a Christmas present with 'The 19th Christmas'! It was actually directly focused on a case to be solved with none of the women drama, and, further, it was an interesting case with twists, turns and red herrings. I do have to admit though, even I figured out how they would get the proof they needed.

The epilogue is completely random and out of the blue. I suspect there is some nefarious intent and some problems coming for Lindsey and Joe.

4 stars

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