Mr. Perry is a highly intelligent author, and I've enjoyed many of his books, but with the exceptions of the superlative ones like Metzger's Dog and The Big Fish, et cetera, there is a continuous emotional flatness.
This was a decent read, but again that same flatness, the same lacking of the emotional element. Formulas are a requirement for math, but formulaic writing can grow tedious.
FYI: Endless fearmongering these past 48 hours in the place of any real reportage or news! Yes, Trump -- who I didn't vote for nor have ever cared for -- had the top terrorist, Gen. Zuleimani of Iran, killed in response to this previous 24 attacks on various Iraqi sites, the last one involving the death of an American. The pathetic media these past 48 hours have neglected to mention all the innocent people murdered by Gen. Zuleimani in Thailand, Nigeria, India, Kenya, Argentina and elsewhere [he was directly involved in the deaths of an estimated one-half million Syrians]. I'm not defending Trump but I am attacking Bush, Obama and Reagan for not taking care of business long ago. This week all those lives -- plus the lives of 241 US Marines -- were finally, and justifiably, avenged!
The main media meme, best exemplified by NPR's The Takeaway show this past Friday, is that it's OK to kill the little people, the innocents, but how dare Trump take out the main murderer in a high, or highest, position!
Truly, we have a morally bankrupt news establishment!

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