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"Excellent work. Full of informative detail written in a clear engaging style. Highly recommended!" Permalink
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"Re: Comment below from 777. In my opinion; the last paragraph lays the groundwork for a very serious discussion and should be treated as such. And as to being offensive, Voltaire I think once said, I might not agree with what you say, but I wil..." Permalink
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"Liberal fascists hate and fear free speech. They do all they can to stop it. That is why they have sought to suppress this comment. But you can defeat them. JUST TILT YOUR SCREEN SLIGHTLY, and the comment should be easily readable. --- WARNING! H..." Permalink
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The Walking Dead

DVD - 2019
"Wow. Nine seasons on and these incompetent goofs still haven't learned how to fight as a group or even get half decent hair cuts. By the way, nine seasons on, like nine years, where are these walking dead getting the calories, 3000 per day, they..." Permalink
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